A seeker and curious human. Devoted to self-growth, I try to live my life guided by my intuition as often as possible.

I want to assist you with cultivating the personal power that already resides within you. Let’s tap into that space so that you can live from a place of self empowerment rather than confusion and dis-ease.


As we heal our individual wounds, it is then that we can heal collectively. So, where can you start? What can you do today? What can you do that will bring a little more joy and ease into your life so that this vibration radiates out into the collective - this is how we all benefit.

We are not separate, good or bad, we are merely living life in different narratives and perspectives. This is ok. my mission is for all of us to experience greater harmony within ourselves first, then our communities at home, and this will expand and permeate the collective as a whole.

You want to change the world? It all starts with us individually.

Qualifications + Experiences:

Personal Practices:

  • Vinyasa Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Nidra + Yin Yoga

  • Reading is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the present. Here are some of my personal favorite resources

  • Daily meditation and Breathwork

  • Zen meditation (the embodiment of stillness)

  • Hiking is a weekend ritual (nature is my happy place)

  • Travel to new and old places gives me so much life and vitality

  • Food - cooking for myself and others, creating relationships with farmers and supporting them is an immense passion of mine