Conversations with strangers


Are you closed off from the idea of talking to people that you don’t know? I find we often avoid mere eye contact as we go about our day, passing by those around us without an ounce of recognition. I know that I have been guilty of this. Recently I traveled to Vancouver Island to visit my sister - just me and myself, a book in bag, (as always). A man sat beside me - a fellow kindred spirit all the way from Bulgaria. Not planning on speaking to anyone along my journey, I cracked open one of my favorite books ever - Letting Go by David Hawkins. The moment I pulled the book out he strikes up a conversation with me. My initial response to his engagement was to pull away and retreat, get lost deep within the pages of my book. Why is it that we do that?

I stopped and allowed myself to be open to the interaction. I am glad that I did. We ended up speaking the entire three hour journey. Non stop conversation about travel, consciousness, purpose, family and love. At times we were laughing so hard I had tears falling down my cheeks. It didn’t even dawn on either of us to introduce our selves by name until two hours into our conversation. This really made me reflect on the lack of importance of a name but rather human connection. It did not matter that we did not part ways knowing one an others social media accounts or even a name. It was all about the interaction itself - a meeting of the minds, hearts and souls.

When we meet people and hear their stories, for a moment in time, we are able to take our selves out of our own heads. We are able to be receptive and realize that there are so many stories happening all around us. All of the time.

Hearing an others journey may even perhaps change your story in some small way. In fact I am certain that it will. Maybe it inspires you to make a decision you’ve been simmering on for far too long? Is that thing you are overthinking really that big a deal? Is it possible that you are giving your thoughts too much power? Its easy to feel as though the entire world revolves around us and our ‘problems’, but, it doesn’t. There is so much more.

I left this experience feeling inspired, fulfilled and happy. How special is it that we are, on a rare occasion, (when we are open and receptive), gifted with such spontaneous connection. A potent opportunity to shift our perspective - to realize what it is that we are here for.

Conversations with strangers - all in all not so strange. This is one of my favorite parts of travel, whether near or far - the people we meet along the way remind you of why we are here. Here having this human experience. How lucky are we? Very!

Keep open!

marika jewell