De-Mystifying the Sacred Self Care Routine


The truth is, self care is the act of doing what brings you joy, solace and rejuvenation - it has nothing to do with fancy potions, adaptogens and bullet proof coffee.

Self Care has become one of the biggest buzz words in the world of wellness. There is a belief that each day needs a sacred morning routine documented for the world to see - but It doesn't have to be this way, trust me. I've been on this bandwagon before, and I'm not knocking it if you are one of the many people who are. Do what makes you feel good!

I have found as I peel back the layers of my illusory self that you may find that it is truly the simple most natural things that your body needs the most. Things like good quality skin care, drinking lots of water to hydrate from the inside out (which cleans out the toxins that reside in all of us from outside pollutants to the chemicals in our food).

Things as simple and nourishing as green juice, a clean diet, spending time in nature will literally transform your world and everything in it. Don't be surprised if your perspectives shift, and you receive better sleep, clearer skin and an inner joy that radiates outward for all to see.

Following our bliss looks different for every single one of us. It is in finding bits of joy in the mundane that is key to heal on an energetic and cellular level. Let your body rest.

I invite you to start today - to enjoy one single thing and add this to your weekly, monthly and everyday routine.

Suggestions to re-connect with yourself with proven results:

  • Get our in nature; we are nature - may this looks like a hike, walking the dog or travel.

  • Cooking, if that’s your thing. I know for me its a form of meditation.

  • Take yourself to your local farmers market to buy groceries. Connect with the farmers who grow your food.

  • Meet up with a friend - go for coffee or a meal.

  • Mineral salt bath. Its so important that we clear our energetic body often. Each and everyday we are in contact with so many people and our subtle energy body picks up those energies, we do not want to hold onto emotions and energies that do not belong to us.

  • Splashing ice cold water on your face in the morning wakes up the brain and jolts it out of its sleepy theta state.

  • Connect with your inner child and go play, move your body and free yourself from the constraints of being an adult.

  • When your heart is heavy and everything sucks, consciously stop yourself and start listing off all of the things that you do have in your life that are great; gratitude lists are a wonderful practice.

These simple acts are truly life changing when we let go and just let ourselves experience joy; this is true freedom.

marika jewell