Sleeping Naked


Do you sleep naked? I don’t think I’ve owned a proper pair of pajamas in years.

You know the feeling - you take off all of your clothes at the end of a long day, you pull back those covers and crawl into bed. Only your naked body and those soft sheets - heaven!

It is in these moments that we get to be 100% ourselves - no mask, no facade, only you. What a glorious feeling whether you are coupled up or curled up all alone. It frees you - no inhibitions. For those that too sleep sans clothes you know what I’m talking about.

Let your body be free of restriction. That alone is so important given the fact that we are clothed and bound all through-out our day. Every single day. Our skin needs to breathe, it’s imperative we relieve it from those tight socks, bras, undies and the layers upon layers on top. Sleeping naked provides us with deeper relaxation and improved sleep; allowing for healthy blood circulation. Embrace your nakedness!

Our skin is our largest organ and it is covered up all day long absorbing everything we put onto it.

Allowing your skin to breathe, (literally), is a great service you can provide your body with. We don’t want our lady bits restricted by underwear while we sleep - allowing for the possibility of unwanted moisture and bacteria to linger or develop.

Try to make sleeping in the nude your nightly ritual (unless you are experiencing your cycle), this is the only time of the month I do not embrace (complete) nakedness.

I implore you to try this! You may even find that you start to love yourself a little bit more too.

marika jewell