Womb Healing


Healing through our womb space - what a concept right?

I believe our womb is a home for our traumas to reside. I know this because I have been instinctively healing through my womb for quite some time now. As women this space is where we grow life and where we can experience profound healing.

Before I took my Usui Reiki training (and even knew what that was), I was placing my hands over my womb when I would meditate, especially during salt baths. Salt baths are immensely effective for providing our body with vitamins and minerals. This is also a great tool for when you need to purify your energy and recharge.

As a woman, if you are experiencing pain - both physical and emotional, try leaning into the womb space for support. It is where we are energetically rooted after all, in these human bodies. My belief is that when we choose to consciously connect with our womb, we are able to truly feel connected to our mother essence. This is such a profound gift to discover. I implore you to try this if you suffer from pms symptoms like cramps and bloating. Be gentle with yourself and practice this in a comfortable environment. Often when we experience what we call pms symptoms it is our bodies alerting us of something we are ignoring, somewhere that we may be out of balance and taking the time to focus in on this energy allows space for clarity and healing.

There were times I remember running myself a salt bath, anxiously awaiting to hop in and have my body immersed in water which is incredibly healing all on its own. Instinctively placing my hands on my belly releasing trauma, toxicity and energy that no longer belonged to me. This has been one of the most powerful and potent parts of my healing journey. I still continue to practice this today and I invite you to do the same. If you want to go even deeper into the practice try it with soothing music. There are several binaural beats to assist in cleansing even further.

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