What yoga has taught me


About five years ago yoga found me. I have practiced on and off since - yoga is a practice and tool that continues to change my life and perspectives. When I made yoga a regular part of my life, I found myself shocked and heartbroken that this wasn’t something we all grew up with, that it wasn’t a class in school but so grateful to have found it no matter what age.


-Connection with my mind and body - in harmony at the exact same time


-That I can bring this stillness with me anywhere I may go

-Greater consciousness and a clearer connection with my intuition

-Physical strength



-To let go of judgment. Judgement towards myself and towards others.

-A peace and freedom inside of me I did not know how to tap into - a freedom that every single one of us can access.



-Greater compassion for myself

-Oneness and connection with all living beings

-Community can happen with all walks of life

-Self love

-How to physically release energetic blocks in the body

-Let go of anxiety - anxiety is fear

-To get out of my own way

-Challenge myself to be my best self

It’s teachings are endless. Overall it is slowing down and realizing that life can wait. That when I am on that mat there is no where else that I need to be.