We are multidimensional


It is when we meditate that we are able to go deep into the depths of our subconscious. Depths we may otherwise never know exist within us.

As my body rests deeper into relaxation and my mind into theta state - I am home. I get to explore, touch and see where our spirit truly lives - where my soul calls home. Our intrinsic truths reveal that we are so much more than this physical body in this three dimensional space.

Everything we witness each day is simply a movie playing in our mind. Our eyes capturing it like our camera captures moments in time - frame by frame. Constantly processing film.

When we experience pain in our bodies, health struggles and illness I believe this is our body holding onto moments, experiences, and trauma. Holding on to it rather than witnessing, feeling and RELEASING.

When we hold on we create blocks in the body like knots in your muscles. Energetically clogging us up and creating stagnancy in the physical body and mind. These are all ways that your body is telling us something in our life is not as it should be - something is out of balance and it is altering us, though we tend to ignore these divine nudges.

We tend to want to label this pain or dis-ease so that we can cope and better understand and define what it is and why it may be happening. Doing this does not help us. Doing this allows us to ‘accept’ whatever it is that our body is going through so we can some how learn to live with what debilitates us. This is not healthy and you do have a way out of this.

When we are deep in meditation this is where we get to experience true freedom - bliss. We do not allow ourselves to become defined by what ails us. We strive for balance, for understanding and truth.

Meditation allows you to free yourself from the shackles of this matrix. Free of belief systems put in place for us, unrequited love and move into our truth. Limitless possibilities. Gain insight and specifics of what we can bring from the spirit realm into the physical here on earth.

May we move more easily, gracefully and into our truth. Our truth that we are infinite and that we create our reality here.

So, how do you want your reality to look? Imagine it. Believe it is possible. Remove those obstacles. You are so much more powerful than you realize.

It’s time to get out of your own way.

marika jewell