So, you want to be of service?


We have been here before - collectively. Individually. This is not our first rodeo. We have come so far - through war, great depression, expanded consciousnesses, a drug induced hippie era, industrial revolutions and so much more. There is no good or bad. There is only this - an expression. Teachings.

We are all here to learn - to play. We are not here to suffer, we suffer because we become our thoughts rather than sit witness to our thoughts. Read that again - we suffer because we become our thoughts rather than sit witness to our thoughts.

We are learning how to help ourselves. We are being given tools to allow us to sit witness, if we are are willing to see. Take a moment and slow down in a life that is in a constant rush. The fate of humanity is dependent upon us. Will we overcome these lessons with love or fear? This is the true question.

We are in turmoil over a president that is not fit, someone who lies and parades his inner child around - only to dictate us with distrust. When the election came, it was presenting us with two choices. We could choose what we already knew or we could choose something different. We know it is not yet what we are looking for, however, I believe it was a step in the right direction. There can be no great change or evolution without first experiencing hardship, confusion, and some form of discomfort. It is a step in a new direction - an opening and opportunity for a new leader.

It seems as though we are all being faced with our ego and our shadow self, because in order to move forward into a new world we must first acknowledge these aspects that live within all of us. Let’s practice compassion for those that are yet to be brave enough to face the darkness within themselves. Compassion before hatred and division.

Focus on your own work, engage with your own self. When we heal ourselves individually it is only then that we heal those around us. You want to be of service? You want to save the world? Save yourself.

This is a time to shed the bullshit, shed the beliefs that you were fed because this does not serve you. It is not the 1800’s, 1950’s or even early 2000’s. We are shifting and so is the planet - it is important that you and I are willing to adapt with all of this change. Rather than get caught up in “the world is falling apart”, “our president is crazy”, “what is wrong?”, isn’t it better that we realize we have a choice? A choice between falling into our old beliefs and reactions. I suggest that we instead persevere, because we have no other choice. This is a time for expansion, a time to be brave - not a time to crumble under the tension.

This is a time for love.

You want to fight back? Fight with love. Love is inside every single one of us and is far greater than darkness and fear. Fear wants us to stay small, to stay the same and not grow. Well, I say, fuck fear. Yes it has its place, but not here.

It is time to come back home to our whole self. You are adaptable, you are resilient and life is meant to be fluid. Will we as a species, transcend this darkness - these shadows that we are being shown?

The choice is ours.

marika jewell