Totem spirit animals


It took me some time to realize why I was given the bald eagle as my totem. As my animal guide for this life.

I am gifted with seeing. I am gifted with strength - with leadership abilities. It is very easy for me to see the big picture - to see far and wide. No, not in the sense to see ones future. Rather, I am able to objectively see all sides of a situation as though my spirit body is looking down bearing witness.

A gift that is becoming clearer - stronger and more potent.

I carry the eagle in my bones. He shows up when I need to remember that I am so much bigger than I perceive myself to be. We all are. We all carry gifts inside of us - every single one of us. Though, it is up to us to allow it to be revealed. Are you willing to see yours?

The eagle has been revered by many different cultures for as long as time has existed. Revered for its grace, strength and incredible connection between earth and sky. It has the gift of connecting with spirit and bringing this medicine and teachings to us.

Totem animals can provide us with great insight into the way we see the world and our characteristics. Do you know your totem spirit animal? How does it resonate with you?

Here are some ways that you can lean in to yourself to find out:

  • Dreams. Perhaps you are visited by a particular animal in your dreams? Write this down when it happens when you wake up.

  • Meditation. When you are in meditation ask for it to reveal itself. This may take many times. As you drop into this space say, β€œI am open to receive this information - show me what I need right now. I would like to connect with my spirit animal”.

  • Work with a healer (that you trust), perhaps she can guide you to this information.

  • Some say the animal will reveal itself when you are ready to learn this and only then.

  • Is there an animal that consistently shows up for you? Whether it be in real life, someone speaking about it, or seeing it as a symbol.

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