The answers you seek are within


Are you someone who’s always looking outside of yourself to find the answers?

It’s kind of a funny thing how we look outside of ourselves, even to other people to find answers to our questions. As if someone else can provide the clarity we so deeply desire at times. I’m all for working with healers (that you trust), to help bring clarity to light that you may not be able to yet see for yourself, truths that re-direct where you are meant to go.

However, to find the answers you desire, the clarity you so desperately seek and resolutions to your problems is simple. You need to get quiet. Get quiet with yourself and ask questions. It’s that simple, I did not say it is easy, but it is simple. The more you practice this the louder it becomes and the more easily the answers that you seek are revealed to you.

I think sometimes we don’t want to hear what our intuition has to say. Its not easy to listen to our inner knowing at times, because it may contradict what our mind (the ego) has to say. So I invite you to get brave enough to hear it all. Act on it in your own time, however the information is always there readily available to access. I Implore you to try this. Whether you are conflicted on choosing a program for school, a move you want to make, a new career or something as simple as “what does my body want to eat today?”, all you have to do is ask.

Carve out time for intention, get comfortable, engage with your breath and take 10 minutes to yourself if that’s all you can allot right now. If you don’t receive much, try again tomorrow. This is a practice. You will strengthen this muscle we call our intuition the more we engage, use and trust in it. Don’t give up if the answer does not come, it will.

What we seek will always be found within us, there is no other source that knows our self better than we do. Trust trust trust.

marika jewellComment