3 ways to start your gratitude practice today


Incorporating a gratitude practice into your day might sound kind of tedious or repetitive but I promise you that it has the ability to transform your life. To take time out of your busy day to give gratitude for what you have and for your incredible self, (because, yes you are incredible) will uplift you and shift your perspectives.

Listen, we all deserve happiness, but here’s the thing, happiness and joy are a choice. Carve out time to be thankful for what you have so that you can attract even more of that into your life.

One great practice is to make a list of everything that is currently in your life that you are grateful for. You will see just how much good you’ve already got. There will always be more to attain and perhaps you are comparing yourself to the next person, but we all know that saying - comparison is the thief of joy. This is about us, taking care of our selves as individuals so that we are able to better show up collectively.

How can you really integrate this practice into your life?

  1. Journal - free write, let whatever come up that wants to. Don’t stop to analyze why, just write.  Let it all out until there is not one drop left!

  2. Introduce your gratitude practice into your meditation practice. (Yoga, running, sitting in silence or during those first five minutes that you wake up each morning.)

  3. When you find yourself in a negative mindset or bad mood consciously pull yourself out by listing off 5 things that are good in your life. It’s amazing how this will instantly shift your mindset in the moment, disintegrating all of those bad feelings. They are all just feelings (emotions), that we are here to ride the wave of. That is all. Feel it, and let it go! Don’t hold onto them. We are not our emotions, we are only experiencing them.

If we are consciously trying to show up in the world as our best selves, we must dedicate time and show ourselves that we are worthy. We deserve to find partnerships, colleagues and friendships that represent a healthy dynamic but we first must be this person to ourselves.

marika jewellComment