Out yourself

Photo by  Ryan Smith

Photo by Ryan Smith

One of the biggest inspirations behind sharing my experiences and being transparent is to shine light on my shadows. You know those bits you keep buried deep down for no one to see, not even you? Yeah those bits. I think what we do not own, owns us and it is often what we keep hidden from the world that pains us. It is this pain, these shadows of our existence that are actually the key to freeing our self from the confines of our mind and subconscious.

We are not here, in this life, to be a prisoner. We are here to be free. Being vulnerable where its uncomfortable is hard. It takes a willingness - a willingness to get to know yourself. It takes practice. It takes a safe space first and foremost - a container to hold space for you to be open. I think the basis of why we all share is because if we can help even one person feel less alone along their own journey, than we are being of service. We are fulfilling some sort of personal mission as well as healing the wounds that plague us.

You say you want to heal? To be a better person than you were yesterday? Well, that starts with taking a good honest look into the depths of your being to see what debris resides there. We’ve all got them. The human experience would not be complete without them. We need polarity.

Outing yourself doesn’t have to look any one way. You can do this just you and your journal, you can do this by confiding in a close friend or you can share with your community and audience. Through my experience it is often us judging ourselves - a fear of being seen. Truly seen for who we are on the inside, not for our exterior self that we project onto those around us. You may find that you in fact receive warmth, love and acceptance in return.

Integrating our shadow side is not always easy or linear. It can be a bloody mess but I promise you that it gets easier and a little less scary to look at what we repress about ourselves over time. By doing this we open ourselves up to new relationships, possibility and growth. This is why we are here after all.

We all crave the exact same thing. Love and acceptance.

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