Menstruation, cycle tracking and self love


Did you know that as women, when we are experiencing our cycle we are at our most intuitive?

Yes, you heard me right. Coming to know your cycle and how your body ebbs and flows through out the month is so empowering. We go through four seasons through-out each month as women.

Winter - Menstruation

Our winter time is when our energy may feel the most raw, gentle and low. We often want to curl up with a good book, Netflix series or cup of tea. We are most likely not feeling like engaging in any intense workouts. It is a time for rest and going inward. This week is your permission slip to slow down.

Spring - Post menstruation leading up to ovulation

This is where our energy begins to increase, we are ‘waking up’ and starting to feel more invigorated. This is a good time to start moving your body again.

Summer - Ovulation

This is the height of your month! You are vivacious, energetic and ready to take on the world! We have incredible insight, we are ready to launch those projects

Autumn - Post ovulation leading up to menstruation

Your energy may begin to dwindle, your hormone levels are changing. You may experience sore breasts or nothing at all. This time is an invitation to slow down and listen to your body’s needs.

I believe that there is a connection to the way we feel emotionally with the way our periods show up for us. Do you dread your cycle? Do you embrace and revere what your female body does each month? From my past experience the times in my life when i am in a more stressed or negative state is when i have the most PMS symptoms. When I have not been living my truth or dreading the inevitability of my menstrual cycle I notice that in turn I will experience cramping, sore breasts and often lethargic.

I’m here to tell you girls, that life does not have to be this way! We can blissfully (almost), soar through menstruation with minimal discomfort. The more we learn to cultivate a healthy and happy relationship for what our body goes through each month, than the greater it will respond to us. Our emotional state really does have a lot to do with the way it feels. Acupuncture is also a wonderful modality to help eliminate or sooth PMS symptoms, if needles are your thing. Meditating helps our over all well being and thus putting our bodies and minds in a greater state of receptivity and calm. As women, we often hold trauma or stress in the womb and this will become magnified during menstruation. I invite you to also practice self reiki on your womb space or simply giving this part of your body attention the next time you are laying in bed or enjoying a salt bath.

Tracking your cycle can be fun and super insightful, it’s also imperative if you are not on a form of birth control like an IUD or the pill. If you are o’natural, than an app like Flo is an excellent when to start tracking and get to know your body a little bit more intimately.

We are so capable of connecting with our bodies through our chosen state of mind, as well as bringing understanding to our emotions that arise. Allowing for this space brings us back into harmony and equilibrium. Empower yourself! No one can do this for you.

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