Choosing the right path (for you)


Discerning the path ahead can easily become a feeling of overwhelm. Which option do I choose? Which path do I take? What will people think?

A suggestion for taking your power back when life presents you with multiple paths to take at once — shift your mindset.

It’s easy to freeze, feel stuck and overwhelmed by your options. I know, because, I’ve been there. All of a sudden life is wide open or I’m deciding between two paths (aren’t we always though?).

In the past it would feel heavy, unclear and like I was stuck. Let’s shift that mindset. Rather than feeling stuck or paralyzed by choice, let’s see it as an opportunity to see things from a different perspective.

When we have multiple paths in which to choose - paths that will potentially shape our lives for the next decade, this is actually a beautiful thing. I promise!

Sit back, breathe and get clear on what each of these paths are presenting.

  • Write it out.

  • You can not know where they lead to, oh no, but you can see the next steps in front of you.

  • So you’ve got the options written down, which 3 (as an example), light you up the most? Write down all of the things that bring you joy and the opportunity for something new if you were to choose this.

  • Which one will require you to get outside of your comfort zone?

  • Which one supports the growth of your highest most evolved self?

  • Now, which option is the LEAST appealing and gives you an uneasy feeling? Remove that from your list now.

Start with the process of elimination and then from there, reverse it in terms of which one makes you smile. What about this option makes you smile?

Does this path have the potential to encourage your growth over the next few years? Does it ALIGN with where you want to go? If there are no’s then it’s not the right one.

If the other has many yes’s ... enough yes’s to take you to where you feel you want to go then you are getting somewhere.

The thing is, all we can do is TRUST. There are no guarantees in life and you can not control the way life goes. When we try to control life or specific outcomes this is when we get into trouble. We set ourselves up for disappointment and unrealistic expectations.

I invite you to lean into how it FEELS, rather than what your mind is telling you is the best option.

How does this path FEEL to you? Does it feel good? Does it feel easy? Does your stomach feel relaxed when you think of this option or does it become tense and contracted? Your body KNOWS. Are you willing to listen to it? This is the real question and it takes bravery.

Choose the path that is in YOUR highest alignment, not your partners, your career, or society’s expectations. You are the one that has to wake up each day to embrace this path. Really, one of the things we are doing here is practicing to listen to our intuition — our highest self. However, Tiaga Prem talks about how if we are full of information that does not serve us, and we are not consciously “emptying out” our subconscious like we would a computer than it can get really full inside. It can become very hard to hear what is actually for our highest good through our intuition.

I always say, go with your gut over what society says, your best friend says or in some cases (or all), your logical mind says. Intuition is not logic, however we can get to a place where they work symbiotically. It is never only the mind.

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