About Marika


A seeker and curious human. Devoted to self-growth, I try to live my life guided by my intuition as often as possible. It was my mother who first dropped hints of there being something greater than us, something “out there” that provided guidance - the seed was planted very early on that we are connected to spirit. When I was young, I didn’t explore this much and was quite a confused atheist, so I consider her whispers a catalyst and foreshadowing to how the rest of my life would shape out to be.

I think many of us here that voice or get that feeling within, we tend to ignore it against our better judgment and knowing but you see, for me, I cant ignore this. I would not want to. I do not believe that ‘ignorance is bliss’. Following this has led to way too many good things to know better, along with some tough lessons as well. That is life, it is light and dark, yin and yang.

Somewhere around my mid twenties my life shifted, it was propelled into a new direction and flipped upside down. All of a sudden, I became enamored in seeking a greater connection with the food that we consume and where it comes from. What nourishes us? Where does our food derive from? So many questions came to surface and I had to find the answers.

From there, and almost simultaneously I was awakened to spirit - to my highest self. Wow, I thought, this is who I really am. The version of myself I had buried deep down inside all along. I love her. I started to create in new ways, studying herbalism, aromatherapy, engrossed in consciousness.

Finding yoga and meditation was like re-connecting with my soul. Re-connecting my mind, body and spirit - like a puzzle connecting all of the pieces back together where they belong. I am a better person than I used to be. I think that is what this is all about, isn’t it? Life. Remembering who we innately are and showing up in the world as her.

From there, we get to expand, grow, learn, “fail”, explore and so on. There is so much I could say but I will leave it here. I will let you read this, and hum over your own existence.

How do you show up in the world? Is it as your most evolved self?