what others are saying


In person sessions:

“Fell into a peaceful space. Calm and spacious feeling after the session.” - Lauren, Vancouver, BC

“My first reiki session. My body felt relaxed and alleviated tension in my knees, head and feet.” - Bianca, Nanaimo, BC

“Felt very calm. Tingling sensations at times, floating sensations along with sinking into a deep relaxation.” - Patricia, Vancouver, BC

Distance sessions:

“Thank you very much for your distance reiki . I feel it was really relaxing and helped me emotionally, mentally and physically. I really appreciate your kindness. I love your messages and tips about how to take care of yourself as well. Thank you so much again.” - Apple, Vancouver, BC

“The sessions make me feel calm in the moment and peaceful afterwards. In the evenings after I felt a little emotional a couple of times and a few tears would flow. It was a release that was needed. Thank you.” - Terri, Kelowna, BC

“Thank you so much for the distance reiki sessions. It was very calming for both my mind and body. During the grounding session especially I was able to feel energy vibrations and tingling sensations throughout my body. Afterwards, I had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time!” - Danielle, Nanaimo, BC

During each session so far I've felt combinations of tingles and warmth and complete relaxation. Felt very tired the next day following; wondering if that was because my body was soaking up so much energy! My anxiety has really been in check these last couple weeks and I can't help but think that the sessions are a part of that! Loving it :) - Bianca, Nanaimo, BC