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How does energy healing work?

Reiki works with life force, prana, chi, whatever it is you call it personally. A session together promotes feeling of relaxation, calms the nervous system and allows your body, mind and spirit to de-stress. Energy healing sessions encompass all elements of ourselves to bring the body back into harmony and equilibrium so that we can show up as our most vibrant healthy self.

These sessions allow us to unblock stagnant energy - freeing us up from feeling stuck, confused or emotionally unwell. As the body processes and heals our emotions, in turn our body will heal on the physical. I believe it is all connected, and one is not separate from the other. Most often our physical illnesses are symptoms of something unhealed. The symptom is not the root issue. Reiki allows us to dig deeper, to unblock and remove. Energy work is subtle yet powerful - potent and truly effective.

Sessions can take place in person or distance. Distance sessions work because energy transcends time and space, therefore it does not matter where in the world we both are - with permission we can connect, and it can be felt.

I am a vessel - an instrument for this energy to move through so that you can receive. Your only job is to receive. I am so honored to hold space for you as I expand my own capacity for this work to come through and be received.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing. It allows for stagnancy to move through and out of the energetic and physical body. Imagine your auric field, or a white bubble around your body - imagine it getting filled with all types of negativity, pollution and energies from those you interact with and pass by as you go about your day. Reiki healing allows for this to be cleared. It is gentle but powerful. Your practitioner (me), applies very gentle touch or simply hovering hands over the body. I am a vessel for this life force (reiki) to come through for you to receive. This energy already resides within you and I am assisting you to tap into this. Your body takes what it needs to heal and replenish.

How will a session together benefit me?

-Promotes feelings of deep relaxation

-Calms the nervous system

-Move stagnancy and toxicity out of the body

-Remove blocks over time which lends to removing emotional traumas as well as physical ailments

-A gentle yet profound tool for de-stressing

-Balances the chakras

-Seal your auric field / energy body so that you are clean, clear and bright!

Intentions and Modalities

Womb healing.

I believe that as women, especially, we hold trauma and stress in our womb space. Our womb is a source of power and insight. It is where we create life, and holds alot of wisdom. It is through my own experience that I know we can achieve great clearing and healing through the womb. If you are someone who has been through an abortion or miscarriage I would be honored to focus on this area for you. I believe that with the right intention reiki and sound is powerful for easing pain, discomfort and emotional trauma after these experiences. This is also a wonderful practice before, during or after pregnancy.

Self-empowerment portion.

What does it mean to operate from a place of high self worth? What does it feel like to broaden our view of forgiveness and acceptance of what we can not change? I can help you to see things from a new / different perspective. Sometimes having a different perspective helps to provide clarity where there is denseness and confusion. Gentle guidance to shift your direction and view of where you currently sit in specific areas of your life. You may leave the session with homework β€” steps to take that will nourish your mind, body, and spirit most at this time.

Sound Therapy.

What is sound healing and how can it help me? Vibrations from singing bowls help to relax the nervous system, right down to our organs. Sound helps to alleviate stress from the body and allows for greater equilibrium to occur on a cellular level. In our session I will choose from a crystal singing bowl or Tibetan singing bowl along with tuning forks that will be used throughout the session.

Aromatherapy + plant medicine.

White sage is used to clear and seal the session. Essential oils are used to calm and restore the physical body through-out the session. (This is optional).

EXCHANGE - $45 / session

(sessions run 30 - 60 minutes)


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You don’t need to do anything but show up. Be present and open to receive.

Reiki is used to bring balance and harmony back into the body. We will clear stagnancy in the body. Rest and replenish the nervous system. You will leave feeling warm, nourished and lighter than when you walked in.

Always be kind to yourself, especially in the 24 hours to follow. You’ve just received an energetic clearing and healing. Our bodies always need time to re-calibrate.